YouTube Vanced down 2023, Vanced is discontinued?

YouTube Vanced down 2023 : According to recent reports, numerous YouTube Vanced users are unable to play videos, receiving an error message stating that “the following content is not available on this app.”

Is YouTube Vanced down? YouTube is a social media platform for sharing internet videos with a global audience. Its founders, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, launched the platform on February 14, 2005. The question recently has been Is Youtube Vanced Shutting Down. Read the article below to learn more about Is Youtube Vanced Shutting Down.

YouTube Vanced Down

The recent news of YouTube Vanced’s demise has upset its Android customers. The programme provided free ad-blocking, background playback, and other features that allowed users to avoid YouTube Premium. Users have speculated as to why this occurred as a result of the choice. On their subreddit, a Vanced developer alluded at legal issues but did not disclose specifics. According to reports, Google delivered a cease and desist letter to the owners of Vanced, requesting that all references to YouTube be removed, the logo be changed, and any links to YouTube products be removed. A snapshot from Discord confirmed that the shutdown was legal.

YouTube Vanced down 2023, Vanced is discontinued?
YouTube Vanced down 2023, Vanced is discontinued?

YouTube Vanced, a popular mobile application among Android users, is being stopped due to legal problems. The app provides a mechanism for users to remove all adverts on the video-sharing platform, as well as giving features like configurable notifications and a ‘true dark mode’. Vanced was a popular choice for viewers who desired an ad-free YouTube experience without having to pay for YouTube Premium.

Is YouTube Vanced shut down and alternatives

YouTube Vanced users were greeted with the worst-case scenario: the software is being discontinued. On Sunday (March 13), the corporation confirmed the news on Twitter, writing: “Vanced has been.

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For Rooted Devices: Download the official installer available in the downloads section above. Choose an appropriate apk for your device (check your architecture with an app like CPU-Z) and the secondary theme you wish to use.

Fix When YouTube Vanced Force Closes

  1. Clear YouTube Vanced Cache and Data
  • Go to phone’s Settings
  • Choose Apps
  • Search for YouTube Vanced app and click it
  • Click Storage
  • Click Clear cache and wait for the processes to complete
  • Then, do the same with Clear data
  1. Install MicroG beforehand and then use YouTube Vanced Down:
  • Install MicroG first and then install YouTube Vanced
  • Both apps can be installed from Vanced Manager
  • Visit to download Vanced Manager
  1. Install the latest version of MicroG and YouTube Vanced:
  • Uninstall both the apps first
  • Install the latest version of MicroG and YouTube Vanced
  • For detailed steps, visit the guide on “How to get ad-free YouTube” and follow the Vanced app installation steps

YouTube Vanced FAQs

Is YouTube Vanced shut down ?


Why YouTube Vanced is discontinued?

After receiving a cease and desist notice from Google, YouTube Vanced announced that the application would be discontinued.

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